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Nicola Anne began her professional training at Arts Educational School, Tring, where she achieved her I.S.T.D teaching qualification. After then graduating with a Musical Theatre BA (Hons) degree from London Studio Centre, Nicola-Anne gained a credible acting agent and began her career performing on stage, in various shows throughout London and the UK.


Whilst performing, Nicola Anne has always endeavoured to share her experiences and pass on her knowledge to others and has been teaching at other establishments in London for over 10 years.

Nicola Anne has taught many children that have gone on to get agents, star in commercials and even perform in the West End. If you're serious about performing then you will have the opportunity to learn and grow at a quick pace. And if you simply enjoy singing and dancing and just want to have fun, you will certainly do a lot of that too!!

Pushing their talents whilst creating a fun and educational atmosphere is vital to a child’s development in the performing arts sector and Nicola Anne ensures to maintain this to the highest standard.

“I would teach children Music, Physics & Philosophy; but most importantly Music. For in the patterns of Music are the keys to learning” - Plato

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Nicola Anne ~ Founder & director at PIXIE STUDIOS