(2017) Pixie Studios


Music and movement are a natural and important part of a young child’s growth and development. Our Musical Theatre classes incorporate singing, instruments, improvisation and imagination whilst also learning the fundamental dance skills needed in Musical Theatre. 

Our Little Pixies will learn all of the basics in ballet, tap, jazz, singing and acting. This will set them up ready for our general Musical Theatre class. Their classes will also have plenty of games to keep them entertained.

Musical Theatre Class - They will learn ballet technique that will carry them through their dancing years and beyond. Grace, posture and strength are main focuses in this discipline. Learning to tap dance will lay a great foundation for improving rhythm as well as helping with other genres of dance. It's also lots of fun. They can learn the latest moves from their idols on TV whilst also mastering jazz technique. This upbeat style is fun, fast and much in demand for any dance lover. 


Here at Pixie Studios we teach all three dance forms, singing and acting. All of the skills you need to perform in the professional world of theatre. This makes us stand out from any other theatre school and makes us an easy choice for any child that loves to perform.  

Adult Classes will be starting back in September. I'm looking to start back our tap class and also a dance-fit class, for those that want to get in shape whilst having fun. Both classes will cater for beginners and experienced dancers.