Children are required to have tap shoes, ballet shoes and jazz shoes for their class. These can be bought through our new Pixie Studios dance store page click here

Here you will find everything you need to kit your children out to start their new hobby. Just click the appropriate class in the menu and all shoes will be listed. Tutu skirts are optional for the Tiny Pixies and Little Pixies.

And if you have any questions please feel free to contact Pixie Studios.

Alternatively, you can purchase the same shoes at local business Dress Up & Dance if you'd prefer to try them on and get them fitted yourself.

A £10 registration fee will include your child's Pixie Studios t-shirt.

Children will be required to wear black leggings (girls)/joggers (boys) and their Pixie Studios t-shirt

Pixies Studios vest tops & t-shirts ~ £12.50/£15.00 for adults 

Pixie Studios hoodies ~ £22.00

Pixie Studios bags ~ £22.00 (these can be personalised on one side too, for no extra charge)