Children are required to have tap shoes, ballet shoes and jazz shoes for their class. These can be bought through Mrs Nicola and are priced as the following...

Ballet Shoes ~ £10.00

Jazz Shoes ~ £15.00 

Tap Shoes ~ £20.00

Adult Tap Shoes ~ £25.00

*These prices are not including postage and packaging costs 

If you would like to purchase any of the following please contact Mrs Nicola stating what shoes you need and your child's current size (we always recommend ordering half a size up if possible).

Alternatively, you can purchase the same shoes at local business Dress Up & Dance if you'd prefer to try them on and get them fitted yourself.

A FREE Pixie Studios t-shirt will be given to your child once they have registered to join. T-shirts are £10 hereafter. We also have some more fab additions to our shop, which are proving very popular...

Pixies Studios vest tops & t-shirts ~ £12.50/£15.00 for adults 

Pixie Studios hoodies ~ £22.00

Pixie Studios bags ~ £22.00 (these can be personalised on one side too, for no extra charge)